What Is the Weather Like in Peru?

weather-like-peru Credit: by Kim Schandorff/Moment/Getty Images

Peru is a nation of three regions with three different climates, which are the dry, hot coastal region, the variable Andes highlands and the humid jungle. Temperatures often reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the coastal region. The highlands experience a wet season from December through March and a dry season from April through November. The jungle is always humid, but it experiences heavy rains from December through March.

During the Andean summer, temperatures tend to be 70 to 80 degrees during the day. In the evening, temperatures often dip as low as the 30s.

The Peruvian jungle tends toward hot and humid, with temperatures as high as the low 90s during the day and as high as the low 70s in the evening. Rain can fall nearly any time in the jungle, so those traveling through it should be prepared with ventilated rain gear.

The coastal desert is as dry as the jungle is wet. It rarely rains there. However, isolated patches of vegetation that are known as lomas bloom in the desert between July and November. They capture fog and utilize its moisture for growth. These small, oasis-like natural gardens look out of place in the otherwise barren desert.