What Is the Weather Like in Mexico in November?

weather-like-mexico-november Credit: Charlie Stinchcomb/CC-BY 2.0

During November, the weather in Mexico cools down somewhat, although in Mexico City the average maximum temperature is still 68 F. November is one of the best months for traveling to Mexico, because the weather is not as extreme as it was a few months earlier. However, although the hurricane season runs from June to October, tropical storms have been known to hit the country during November, according to About.com.

Compared to the previous month, there is very little rain in Mexico during November. As the precipitation level only averages 18 millimeters in the capital, the chance of showers is minimal at best. Although hot during the day, at night Mexico City can experience chilly weather.

The weather in Mexico differs depending on the region. For instance, the coastal areas are much warmer and experience more severe weather patterns compared to cities located inland. In Cancun the average daily temperature is a maximum of 84 F and a minimum of 72 F. In addition, Cancun experiences far greater rainfall than Mexico City, with average rainfall for the month being 96 millimeters.

Other areas, particularly those south of the Tropic of Cancer, experience hot and dry weather that changes very little throughout the year. There is also less chance of rainfall in these areas.