What Is the Weather Like in Jamaica in December?

The weather in Jamaica in December is usually warm and sunny. On average, December temperatures in Montego Bay sit at a high of 87 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 69 degrees Fahrenheit. The length of each day in December is almost exactly 11 hours long, and the skies are mostly clear with cloud cover averaging at 38 percent for the month.

Although December is mostly sunny and warm in Jamaica, the area is prone to a bit of precipitation during this month. It rains 42 percent of the time on Dec. 1 and 37 percent of the time on Dec. 31, and the average precipitation for the rest of the month is between these two numbers. However, the rain tends to come in the form of light rain or quickly passing thunderstorms.

The humidity during this month is strongest during the beginning of the month when it frequently rises to above 84 percent. Near the end of the month, the humidity tends to be the lowest, and average humidity tends to be below 71 percent at this time.

Daytime temperatures are remarkably consistent. On average, the temperature only exceeds 87 degrees Fahrenheit 10 percent of the time, and it only drops below 80 degrees Fahrenheit 10 percent of the time.