What Is the Weather Like in Cancun in August?

weather-like-cancun-august Credit: Mindaugas Danys/CC-BY 2.0

August is a hot and wet month for Cancun, with average temperatures between 77 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. It is within the rainy season and sees an average of 6 inches of rain.

The heaviness of the rain is described as "monsoon-like". It is accompanied by thick humidity. Although 6 inches is a large amount of rain, September is actually the wettest month in Cancun, with an average of 9 inches. Because of the inclement weather, August represents a lull in the tourist season in Mexico. There is an increased risk of tropical storms and hurricanes. On the bright side, average ocean temperatures are in the 80s and Cancun sees 11 hours of sunlight per day.