What Are Some Ways to Travel From Paris to Normandy?


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A visitor can travel from Paris to Normandy by train, car or airplane. Those who choose to rent a car need to take highway A13 northwest to Normandy, a two-hour trip. Flying is also an option, but the distance is so minimal that experts don't advise tourists to spend the time getting through security on a flight or the money a ticket would cost. Budget-friendly air travel can be booked through Ryanair.

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The most convenient travel method to Normandy from Paris is the train, according to France Travel Guide. Although a train doesn't quite allow the flexibility and convenience of a car, it saves on time. French trains move at 200 miles per hour and can get to the major cities in the region in under three hours. It takes only one hour to reach Evreux, Normandy from Paris or 90 minutes to reach Caen. The trains stop at Tours, Le Mans, Rennes and Nantes as well. Many of the major tourist sites can be reached on foot or via bus from the train stops.

Once in Normandy, visitors can visit some of the major sites such as the D-Day beaches, the site where the Allies invaded France from England, marking a major turning point in World War II. The 50-mile stretch of coastline covers Utah, Omaha, Juno, Sword and Gold beaches.

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