What Are Some Ways to Find Reviews of Cities?

StreetAdvisor posts reviews of cities, neighborhoods and streets that are written by local experts who base their choices on factors such as affordability, safety, convenience, housing options and nightlife. CityCulture is similarly democratic and allows users to post subjective reviews of cities around the world that they've visited. Sperling's BestPlaces website focuses more heavily on potential homebuyers and real estate investors, and it features detailed analysis of crime rates, school systems, housing prices and cost of living.

The Travel and Leisure website often generates top ten lists that are aimed toward travelers rather than people looking to permanently invest in a home in a particular city. These lists detail the opinions of the site's editors concerning metrics such as which cities are the most culturally stimulating, which are the most affordable, which offer the most plentiful nightlife options, and which have the friendliest people.

The U.S. News and World Report Travel section also compiles an annual list of the 25 best cities to visit at the end of every calendar year. It uses a combination of a user-based voting system and travel recommendations from experts to put together an expansive list that examines city attributes, such as climate, the number of galleries and exhibits, and the presence of historic landmarks.