What Are Ways to Remember All 50 States of the USA?

ways-remember-50-states-usa Credit: Image Source/Digital VIsion/Getty Images

Those interested in memorizing all fifty states can learn a song specifically that helps with this task. Creating unique images or stories, quizzing, and categorization are other ways to memorize.

In order to memorize the states in alphabetical order, people should work to create a mnemonic device rather than simply re-reading a list of the states. For example, people can create a story with outrageous imagery. Somebody might think that a guy named Al (Alabama) loves eating Alaskian Crab (Alaska) with his friend Ari (Arizona). The more unique the image, the more likely it is to stick in the brain. This is called the salience approach to memorization.

Another way to learn the states is to learn a silly song. There are several songs on YouTube that people can listen to and memorize. One example is sung by the Animaniacs.

Some people might have more luck learning the states in geographic order. They can still employ the aforementioned mnemonic devices, but may have more luck breaking down the states into categories.

As people learn the states, they can have a friend test them. Another option is to print out a blank map of the United States to fill out or take an online quiz. Familiarity is crucial to memorization, so it is important memorizers continue to quiz themselves on a regular basis.