What Are Some Ways to Pick a Good Airline Seat Reservation?


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Some ways to pick a good airline seat reservation include choosing the seat at the time of booking and avoiding middle seats, seats in the back of the plane, and seats close to the bathrooms and galleys. Websites such as SeatGuru.com and SeatExpert.com recommend desirable seats as well as those to avoid.

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Choosing a seat at the time of booking provides the passenger with the best choice of seats. A passenger can choose his seat through his travel agent, if using one. If booking online, he can sometimes choose his seat during the booking process; otherwise, he can call the airline directly after booking his reservation to reserve his seat.

Avoiding the middle seat is best so that passengers in the adjacent seats do not bother the passenger when they enter and exit their seats. Seats in the back of the plane do not usually recline, so they may not provide a high level of comfort. Seats close to bathrooms and galleys are likely to be noisy and experience high levels of traffic.

SeatGuru.com provides a tool with which the user enters his flight information to obtain a seating chart of the plane. The site offers advice for choosing seats, photos and user comments.

SeatExpert.com provides a clickable list of each airline and type of plane. After the user chooses his plane type, he views a seating chart of the plane with color coding to indicate seating desirability, with ratings including above average, mixed reviews, average, below average and beware.

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