What Are Some Ways to Find Luxury Houseboat Rentals?

What Are Some Ways to Find Luxury Houseboat Rentals?

To find luxury houseboat rentals, visit vacation rental sites, such as HomeAway.com or VRBO.com, that list houseboat rentals in coastal and inland waterway locations across the United States. Alternatively, visit specialist sites, such as Houseboating.org, ForeverHouseboats.org or TableRockHouseboatRentals.com, that feature houseboat rentals on a number of U.S. lakes.

HomeAway and VRBO list more than 300 houseboat rentals as of 2015, including luxury yachts, cruisers and floating condos. Many of the rentals are located on the east coast, Florida and California. To find a rental in a specific location, enter the geographical area, state or county in the search box on the site's homepage, add trip dates if known, and specify the number of bedrooms. Before selecting Search, click More Filters to check Boats and Yachts under Property Types and click Apply Filters. The sites provide detailed information about each rental, including photographs and user reviews, and offer secure online booking.

Houseboating.org lists more than 200 different types of houseboat rentals in 36 lakes. To find a rental, click a lake on the homepage and click Houseboats. The company's luxury houseboat fleet includes the 70-foot Titanium, the 77-foot Star Gazer and the 80 foot Mystic, all of which sleep up to 12 people and have a hot tub on deck. Call the company or submit an online request for rental information and reservations.

Forever rents houseboats on lakes in Arizona, California and Nevada. Click Houseboats under Boat Models on the homepage, choose a location, click Visit, and navigate to Houseboat Rental Information to view the various houseboat models and reservation information.

Five Star Houseboat Vacations has a fleet of luxury houseboats on Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks. Visit TableRockHouseboatRentals.com for detailed information.