What Are Some Ways to Locate Gas Stations on a Map?

Some ways to locate gas stations on a map include using a specific brand's station locator, a general website such as GasBuddy.com or the American Automobile Association's TripTik planner. These sites allow drivers to locate gas stations along a trip route or near their homes and can also display up-to-date gas prices.

To locate gas stations on a map using GasBuddy.com, use the following steps.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Visit GasBuddy.com in an internet browser.

  3. Enter the information
  4. Enter the city and state or the ZIP code of the desired location in the search box. Choose regular, mid-grade, premium or diesel fuel.

  5. Display the map
  6. Click on the map icon to display a list of gas stations on the map. The most recent price is also displayed so customers can choose the location with the most inexpensive gas.

Customers can download a free mobile application to use the Gas Buddy service on their smartphones. The website provides a trip calculator so drivers can determine how much gas they need for their trip, along with the map of gas stations.

Drivers who prefer a specific brand of gas, such as Sunoco, should check with the company's official website for a map of gas station locations.