What Are Some Ways to Find Last-Minute Flight Deals?


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Websites such as LastMinute.com, LastMinuteTravel.com and SkyScanner.net allow users to put in their upcoming travel days to find last minute flight options. Travelers can also follow airlines and travel agents on social media as well as sign up for airfare alerts.

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What Are Some Ways to Find Last-Minute Flight Deals?
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LastMinute.com is a website that books travel for the upcoming week or two weeks, but travelers may only leave between Wednesday and Saturday. The website lists airfare options in addition to flight and car packages as well as flight and hotel packages. LastMinuteTravel.com offers similar deals.

Skyscanner.net is a tool for comparing airfare. Travelers put in their routes and dates, enabling the site to search for the cheapest options.

Airlines and travel agents often advertise last minute deals. Newsletters, email alerts and text messages are likely ways for travelers to stay informed about airfare deals. Following them on social media is another way of learning about last minute flight deals.

Airlines often try to get rid of extra flight tickets for the upcoming weekend, and they release their best fares on Monday morning. However, Tuesday at 3 p.m. Eastern time is when they attempt to match fares from other airlines.

Being flexible in time is a good way to get cheap flights. The cheapest days to fly are Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Very late or very early flights also have the most unfilled seats, so airlines often offer deals on these tickets.

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