What Are Some Ways to Find the Graceland Floor Plans?


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A number of online sources provide Graceland floor plans, including Billionaire Addresses, Loansblues, Linky & Dinky and Social Magazine. Available Graceland floor plans include the first floor or ground floor, the private second floor and the lower downstairs area, with its pool room and TV room.

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Graceland floor plans show the layout of Graceland mansion and label certain rooms, such as the first floor kitchen, bedroom, dining room and living room. The first floor bedroom belonged to Elvis Presley's mother. Graceland floor plans show the famous Jungle Room, which is the exterior access to the basement. The Jungle Room is an addition to the back of the house, built as a screened porch, and later enclosed. Visitors at Graceland can see the decorations and furnishings added to the Jungle Room by Presley in 1974, including exotic wood carvings and green shagged carpet.

The downstairs pool room and TV room are open to visitors and appear on floor plans of Graceland. Graceland does not allow public tours, photographers or video cameras to visit the second floor, with access prohibited since 1977. Second floor diagrams are copies from public construction records. As of 2015, only Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley and the curator of Graceland may visit the second floor. Graceland floor plans speculate that second-floor rooms include two dressing rooms, a bathroom, Elvis Presley's bedroom, Lisa Marie Presley's bedroom and an office.

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