What Is the Best Way to Confirm an Aeromexico Flight?

What Is the Best Way to Confirm an Aeromexico Flight?

Web or mobile check-in at Aeromexico.com is a convenient way to confirm an Aeromexico flight, and it is available for departures from most airports. Several airports only permit confirmation in person or with a partner airline. Aeromexico also requires that passengers using a codeshare or special service check in at the airport.

If checking in online, Aeromexico requires that travelers print their boarding passes. If a printer is unavailable, Aeromexico also offers mobile check-in by accessing its website via a mobile device. As of 2015, mobile check-in is not available at all airports; the mobile check-in page on the airline's website provides a complete list.

Aeromexico customers flying out of Denver or Mexico City-Havana are required to check in at the airport. In Denver, travelers must go to the Lufthansa counter in order to receive service.

Online confirmation is unavailable at Aeromexico.com for several other cities, but an airline partner provides it. Miami, Ontario, Tokyo, San Antonio and San Francisco offer the service through Delta. In Paris, Aeromexico customers can log on to Air France's website to check in online.

The airline offers online and mobile confirmation up to 48 hours before departure for in-country Mexican flights and 24 hours for international flights. Travelers can check in online up to two hours before departure.