What Are Some Water Aquifers Typically Found on Maps?


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Some of the largest water aquifers found on maps include the California Central Valley and North China aquifer systems, Indus Basin, northern Great Plains aquifer, Amazon Basin, Lake Chad Basin and the Congo Basin. These are a few of the largest aquifers located around the world. Based on NASA data provided by the GRACE satellite, 13 of these aquifers are categorized as being in trouble due to rapid depletion, as noted by Vox.

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Underground aquifers around the world provide a main source of fresh water for people and farming/irrigation purposes. Nearly 35 percent of the water utilized by humans in the world is provided by aquifers, notes the Washington Post.

In different areas of the world, such as the Middle East, northern Africa and central Asia, the depletion of aquifers is occurring at a fast rate. Additionally, the drought in California has also negatively impacted the California Central Valley aquifer system. The Indus Basin in India and Pakistan and Arabian aquifer in Saudi Arabia are other aquifers with serious depletion problems.

However, other aquifers, such as the Amazon Basin and northern Great Plains system, are not experiencing major depletion problems. Some other aquifers, found around the world, are the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains aquifer, Nubian aquifer system, northwestern Sahara aquifer system and the lower Kalahari-Stampriet Basin.

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