What Are Some Facts About Warrington, Pennsylvania?

What Are Some Facts About Warrington, Pennsylvania?

Warrington Township, Pennsylvania, is located north of Philadelphia in south-central Bucks County along the border with Montgomery County. It is known as The Gateway to Bucks County.

Warrington's creation dates to 1734 with the merger of four villages: Warrington, Tradesville, Neshaminy and Pleasantville. Warrington is named for a town in Lancashire, England.

Warrington has 23,418 residents within its 13.8 square miles, as of the 2010 Census. The first church in Warrington is the Pleasantville Church, which was built in 1840.

Central Bucks High School South is the newest and largest high school in the Central Bucks School District. The high school and the Bridge Valley Elementary School opened in 2004.

Five former schools in Warrington remain in use. Students attended the Warrington School from 1808 to 1951. The Neshaminy School was built in 1890 as a creamery and converted into a school in 1925. The BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has occupied the building since 1963.

The Old Grist Mill is one of Warrington's oldest buildings. It began as the Long Merchant Mill in 1756 and operated for more than 100 years. The sawmill became a residence in 1936. The Kit House was among the first in Warrington to have electrical service and was a pre-packaged house built in the 1920s.