How Do You Find Wanna Get Away Flights From Southwest?

To find Wanna Get Away flights through Southwest Airlines, go to, and enter a departure and destination city. Set your travel dates, and perform a search. The search results feature all fare types available, including Wanna Get Away options, as of May 2015.

If your flight dates are flexible, another method to find Wanna Get Away flights is the low-fare calendar. Visit the home page, and click on Flexible Dates in the flight search. Select a round trip or one-way flight, enter your departure city and destination, and then select your departure and return months to view the results listed on a calendar, with the lowest fare available listed on each date. Under the Show Me heading, check Wanna Get Away, and leave the other fare types unchecked. Click Update Calendar to view only that fare type.

Wanna Get Away fares are limited and aren't available on certain flights or dates. These fares are nonrefundable. However, the customer can apply the fare to future travel within a specific eligibility period if canceled.

Other Southwest fare types include Business Select, Anytime and Senior. All three fare types are refundable. Senior fares are available to passengers who are at least 65 years old. Business Select fares offer special privileges, including priority boarding and a free premium drink.