Where Is Waltons Mountain in Virginia?

Dennis K. Johnson/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Waltons Mountain is the name of the fictional town in which the TV show “The Waltons” was based, and is actually known as Schuyler, Virginia. The town lies within the Piedmont region foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, approximately 40 miles north of Lynchburg and 30 miles south of Charlottesville.

The popular TV show “The Waltons” is celebrated at Walton’s Mountain Museum, in the town of Schuyler. The creator of the show, Earl Hammer, grew up in the house across the street from where the museum is located. The museum features a wide variety of exhibits to celebrate the history of the show, including a replica of “The Waltons” kitchen and a gift shop selling souvenirs such as books and DVDs commemorating the show.