Where Was Walt Disney's Secret Apartment in Disneyland?

walt-disney-s-secret-apartment-disneyland Credit: HarshLight/CC-BY 2.0

The Disney family kept a small, private apartment over the firehouse on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland. It wasn't the family's actual residence, but it seems that Walt, his wife Lillian and their two daughters spent time there entertaining guests and watching park activity from the apartment's balconies. The family spent a lot of time in this location as the park was being constructed in the 1950s, allowing Walt to supervise and monitor construction while also allowing his family to have a comfortable place to stay while they were at the park.

Until 2012, only one photo from inside the apartment was ever released. The photos released in 2012 show a cozy apartment decorated with Victorian furniture and accessories, including tufted couches, ruffled curtains and glass lanterns. The apartment is only 500 square feet in size and doesn't actually contain bedrooms, though two couches were convertible into twin beds, which gave the family a place to sleep.

The family no longer uses the apartment, and it has occasionally been used as a guest suite for important park visitors. Members of the general public who want to see the apartment may be able to pay for a special tour that brings visitors up to the Main Street firehouse's second floor.