How Do You Visit the Winchester House in San Jose?


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Visit the Winchester House by purchasing a ticket online or at the location any day of the year except Dec. 25. The Winchester House is located at 524 South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose, California, and can be reached via train or automobile.

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Operating hours for the Winchester House vary depending on the season and day of the week, so visitors should check for up-to-date information at WinchesterMysteryHouse.com. As of 2015, visitors can choose between three tours: the behind-the-scenes tour, mansion tour or grand estate tour. The behind-the-scenes tour covers the basement, buildings and grounds while the 65-minute mansion tour delves into the house itself. The two-hour grand estate tour covers everything in the first two tours and also includes museum access.

The Winchester House was built in the 1800s by Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester rifle fortune. After the deaths of her young daughter and husband, Sarah visited a medium who told her that her fortune was haunted by those whose lives had been taken by the Winchester rifle. In order to appease the dead, Sarah spent her life building a never-ending house for them, resulting in an unusually constructed mansion with doors opening into walls and staircases leading nowhere.

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