What Is the Viscosity of Water at 20 Degrees C?

At 20 degrees Celsius, the dynamic, or absolute, viscosity of water is 1.002*10-3, or 0.001002, Pa.s. The kinematic viscosity of water is 1.004*10-6, or 0.0001004 m2 s-1.

Viscosity measures how much a liquid resists flowing. For example, water has less resistance to flow than syrup or molasses and therefore has a lower viscosity. Dynamic viscosity measures the amount of force it takes to move a liquid. Kinematic viscosity does not measure force. It is a ratio that compares the dynamic viscosity to the density of the liquid. As the water temperature increases, the kinematic viscosity decreases. Knowing viscosity measurements is important when designing or selecting equipment to store, pump or inject the fluid.