What Are Some Videos of El Salvador?


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Many videos of El Salvador are available on the official YouTube channel for the country's Ministry of Tourism. Although these videos have more of a marketing than an educational focus, there are many that give unique first-hand insight into the geography and culture of this Central American country.

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Because El Salvador's geographical features are a main point of tourism for the country, many travel agencies have uploaded videos to their own websites that spotlight the Central American nation's diverse natural attractions. There are many additional videos about traveling to El Salvador that are also available to access via YouTube. Some of these videos are from unofficial sources, and some may be presented in Spanish rather than English, but they still provide virtual visual tours of the country, its landmarks and its people.

Independent content production companies, such as WatchMojo.com, have produced their own videos about the country and its culture, while specialty sites such as Weather.com occasionally upload country-specific videos that pertain to the site's unique topic (in this case, extreme weather). Up-to-date news content can also be found in video formats on websites of the country's most prominent newspapers; among them, La Prensa Grafica, El Faro and Diario Co Latino.

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