What Is the Best Vacation to Take for a Family Reunion?


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Some of the best vacations to take for a family reunion are visiting national parks for camping and kayaking, renting a villa in Italy or another foreign location, and taking a family cruise. Other good vacations can include a stay in a Disney resort or something as simple as congregating at a relative's house.

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For a low-budget family reunion vacation, use a relative's house for activity central and, if possible, to house everyone. Family members can use the location to relax, chat and gear up for excursions such as park picnics and sporting events.

Another budget-friendly option is a family camping trip. Everybody can gear up and meet at a national park. After selecting neighboring campsites or renting cabins, they can go kayaking, rafting, fishing and hiking. Some great parks to visit include Yosemite National Park, Acadia National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Another option is for everyone to meet in matching shirts at a major city such as New York or Washington, D.C. Everyone can grab rooms at the same hotel and spend the days visiting the major sites and eating at the local restaurants. For those who want to experience something a little exotic while getting in touch with their roots, renting a villa or taking a cruise can blend the old with the new. On a cruise, family can get together and reminisce, and then enjoy some shore excursions.

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