What Is the Usual Maximum Size for Checked Luggage on a Flight?


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The typical maximum size for checked luggage on major airlines is 62 linear inches. The size in linear inches is calculated by adding together the exterior length, width and height of the luggage.

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Checked bags larger than 62 linear inches may still fly for an additional fee under the oversized bag policy of the airline. Airlines vary on the absolute maximum size accepted. American Airlines accepts checked bags up to 126 linear inches, while Southwest caps oversized luggage at 80 linear inches. United Airlines accepts luggage up to 115 linear inches as oversized luggage. Bags larger than the airline's maximum either aren't accepted or must fly as cargo.

Airlines also cap the weight allowance for checked bag, with most allowing up to 50 pounds without overweight baggage fees. Like the size, airlines accept heavier bags for a fee with a typical maximum of 100 pounds before the bag must fly as cargo.

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