How Do You Find a USGS Earthquake Map?


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A USGS earthquake map is available at Earthquake.USGS.gov, as of 2015. The United States Geological Survey website features a map that shows the locations of the latest earthquakes on the North American continent.

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The USGS website also describes the locations and times of the earthquakes in a detailed list beside the map. The list details include an earthquake's distance from a major population density, the UTC time and date that the earthquake took place, the earthquakes depth and its GPS location.

The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program monitors the United States for seismic activity and reports real-time and historical earthquake information, hazards and safety tips. The Hazards Program gives details on significant earthquakes and earthquakes with a magnitude of 2.5 over the last 30 days. It also provides seismic hazard analysis tools, educational primers and information on North American fault lines.

Additional sources for geological earthquake maps include SCEDC.CalTech.edu, PNSN.org and GlobalIncidentMap.com. The Southern California Earthquake Data Center features a USGS index map of recent earthquakes in California and Nevada. The map provides details on earthquake times, dates and magnitude.

GlobalIncidentMap.com's live earthquake map details seismic activity worldwide. The details include date, region, magnitude and depth. The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network features a geological map that gives the locations of recent earthquakes in Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho and California.

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