What Are Some Uses for Used Buses?


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Uses for used school and metropolitan transportation buses include repurposing them into mobile homes or mobile computer labs. Some businesses also use old buses as dining areas for restaurants, while many individuals use them to demonstrate artistic or architectural concepts.

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What Are Some Uses for Used Buses?
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The Grilled Cheese Grill restaurant located in Portland, Oregon, uses different used buses as dining halls for its locations. Customers are able to approach the restaurant, part of the city's many food cart dining locations, and order as they would at a standard food cart. After receiving the food, diners are able to enter the interior of the bus, which has been converted to include tables and seating. The Grilled Cheese Grill also uses a smaller used bus as a mobile location that customers can rent out for parties and events.

Used buses are also frequently utilized by various design students as galleries or example spaces. One such student stripped a bus of its interior and redesigned it as a living space to demonstrate space-saving design concepts. Many individuals also purchase old buses and convert them into mobile homes, adding in separate sleeping, eating and bathing areas. Some used buses are also used by non-profit organizations to house computers or miniature libraries for underprivileged youths.

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