What Are Uses for Maps Detailing City Boundaries?


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City boundary maps are useful for determining school districts, property lines, city planning projects and completing educational reports. Researchers may use city boundary maps to determine geographical placement of nearby towns and natural resources, understand weather reports and discover which roads lead into a city.

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A city boundary map is useful in determining urban areas, coastal zones and other relevant city data, according to San Luis Obispo County Planning and Building. These maps can help people design highways, find village reserve lines, determine where city limits lie and understand where local bodies of water and land are located. Street, block and lot locations can also be delineated on a city boundary map.

City boundary maps display property line delineation as well as date of annexation. Individuals can use them to determine whether or not a property lies solely within one city or multiple cities, clarifying the property's history and tax information. Realtors and potential homeowners may wish to look up property lines to ensure that the data on a home is accurate prior to making a purchase. Property lines may be checked for both residential and business areas, and school district and boundary maps are useful in finding school attendance and district information.

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