How Do You Use United Airlines Award Miles?


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To use United Airlines award miles, go to the company website for United Airlines and choose the correct link to redeem the miles. United Airlines award miles can be used in a variety of ways, such as booking airline tickets, upgrading flights, renting cars, booking cruises, reserving hotels and purchasing items.

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Miles can be used to book flights on United Airlines and airlines that are part of the Star Alliance programs. Miles can also be used to purchase event tickets such as Broadway plays, concerts and sporting games. MileagePlus members can use their miles to download TV shows, movies or music, send flowers, purchase gift cards, subscriber to magazines and shop for products. As of 2015, certain restaurants at Newark Airport accept United Airlines award miles. MileagePlus members should check the United Airlines website for up to date information on how to use mile.

To use United Airlines award miles, do the following:

  1. Go to the company website
  2. Go to the official website for United Airlines.

  3. Click on "MileagePlus"
  4. Click on the "MileagePlus link at the top of the website, then choose "Use miles."

  5. Review the options
  6. Review the different options available for using miles. Click on the desired option, such as "Book award travel now."

  7. Redeem the miles
  8. Follow the steps provided for the specific choice to use the miles.

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