How Do You Use a U.S. Cellular Coverage Map?


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Type your address into the indicated field above the map. Use the radio buttons to select Voice or Data, and click the blue Locate button. View the message in the gray box underneath the radio buttons to see whether or not your area receives coverage.

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Use the map and the map legend to get a broad overview of coverage throughout the country. The coverage map allows you to view the signal strength and coverage you can reasonably expect U.S. Cellular to provide in your area. Actual coverage can vary, and U.S. Cellular does not guarantee coverage. Dark blue indicates covered areas, and white indicates areas with no coverage. A range of mid-tones and patterns indicate areas with spotty or variable coverage.

Use the slider on the left side of the map to zoom in on specific areas of the country. Toggle between map view and satellite view using the buttons located in the upper right-hand corner of the map. When in map view, click the Terrain box to see mountains and other geographical features. Use the satellite view to see city details such as homes and streets. To end your search or begin a new one, clear the address bar by clicking the red Clear button.

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