How Do You Use Toll-By-Plate?


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When a car goes through a toll collection facility and doesn't pay electronically or by cash, a photographic image of the license plate is taken as it passes the toll lane. The owner of the vehicle receives an invoice in the mail for the amount total plus a $2.50 fee.

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How Do You Use Toll-By-Plate?
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Toll-By-Plate is an electronic toll collection system that is image-based. It uses photos of vehicles' license plates to locate the customers who owe for the toll.

This feature is available from Miramar, Miami to Florida City, as of 2015. It is there to provide a safe turnpike system that reduces the amount of traffic and air pollution through convenient and efficient payments from customers who utilize the system.

The administrative charge is in place to cover costs incurred by the Toll-By-Plate program. It includes the salary of those hired to review the photographs of license plates captured as vehicles cross the collection facilities, as well as the costs incurred by creating and sending invoices and processing the payments.

Failure to pay the first invoice by the given due date causes an additional $2.50 on the second invoice. If their is a non-payment of the second invoice, the toll and fee is given to a collection agency that substantially increases the amount owed.

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