How Do You Use a Subway Map?


People can use subway maps to familiarize themselves with subway routes and stations. This makes it easier to find the right direction on the subway and to figure out where to stop.

Subway maps are very helpful tools for navigating the subway. Systems such as the New York City subway have several lines with hundreds of different stations between them, which can sometimes confuse beginners. Maps show the different lines, the direction the lines run in, and indicate which trains are express or local.

Subway travelers can usually find subway maps near entrances and on platforms. Most transportation systems also offer subway maps online. For example, the New York City Metro Transit Authority (MTA) offers free maps and other key travel information through its official website. Travelers can also often find paper copies of maps in subway stations. Timetables are available on platforms, in stations or online, which can help travelers navigate routes.

Many subway cars also contain maps, which make it easier for travelers to find stops while riding the subway. Conductors also usually announce stops as cars approach them. The NYC MTA's newer cars contain digital strip maps that show and announce each stop as it approaches; however, travelers should also pay attention to signage in the station, as the announcements can sometimes be wrong.