How Do You Use Record Locator Numbers to Identify Flights?

Use a record locator number to identify flights by entering the number and the passenger's full name into the airline's database and click Search. Record locator numbers, their associated flights and searching methods vary between airlines and flight reservations based on airline organization, how the flight was booked and when the flight takes place.

A record locator number is usually a six digit code made from letters and numbers, such as RMT33W, IIRCYC or KZVGX5. Airlines use these codes to quickly access specific flight records. Record locator numbers refer to a specific seat booking on a certain flight, which is why the passenger's name is also required when looking up flight information with a record locator number.

Not all airlines use the phrase record locator. Examples of other synonymous phrases are confirmation number, booking code, reservation number, booking reference and confirmation code.

Record locator codes are only unique to a specific flight within a certain time frame. The number of varying combinations of six letters and numbers, though large, is not infinite. The codes are recycled for new flights and bookings after periods of time, so record locator codes can only be used to identify specific flights before the flight takes place.