How Do You Use Online Booking With Megabus?

How Do You Use Online Booking With Megabus?

To use online booking with Megabus, go to the Megabus U.S. website and fill out the electronic booking form called "Search and Buy." Pay with a credit or debit card and await an email with the reservation number.

Megabus is a low cost bus company. Passengers can book tickets online and get seating on the bus depending on their position in a live line at a Megabus stop. In 2014, Megabus introduced seat reservation for an additional fee.

  1. Fill in the Search and Buy
  2. Go to the "Select and Buy" tool and, in the boxes provided, enter the number of passengers and check "yes" in the "Any special travel requirements?" box if any of the passengers are disabled. Using drop-down menus, select departure and arrival points of the journey. Using pop-up calendar tools, select travel dates and times. Enter a promotional code if available.

  3. Review the booking
  4. Check if any unwanted journeys have been added to the order by mistake. Decide if an SMS confirmation is needed �� there is a charge for this. Read the terms and conditions and agree to them.

  5. Pay for the order
  6. Complete the booking with the provided payment system WorldPay. A confirmation of payment and an electronic ticket will be sent by email. The reservation number gives access to the bus.