What Is the Use for the Nile River?


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The Nile River is important to transportation, trade and tourism in Africa. It is also a source of food and recreation. During the flooding season, the river irrigates crops.

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The Nile River is the longest river in the world and is a crucial lifeline to several desert countries in Africa. The river provides an important water route between landlocked regions of Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. Without it, many companies in developing nations would have no way to transport goods for distribution and trade. It is even thought that the stones used to build the great pyramids were transported on barges on the Nile River. The Nile also provides transportation in the form of water vessels. Such transportation is much faster in regions where roads are poorly developed.

The Nile is a source of tourism. Tourists take Nile cruises to visit more remote parts of African nations where ancient ruins are located. People also fish in the Nile to feed themselves. Some segments of the Nile are even safe for swimming. When the Nile floods each year, it becomes an important irrigation tool for crops. Much of the land in regions surrounding the Nile is dry and dusty. Without the aid of Nile floods, the land could not sustain crops.

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