How Do You Use a Multi-Currency Prepaid Card for Travel Expenses?


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To use a multi-currency prepaid card for travel expenses, load funds onto the card either at the time or purchase or remotely after the activation, then using the card at any merchants that accept cards from the backing financial institution. You may also use the card at participating ATMs to withdraw funds in the local currency.

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A multi-currency prepaid card functions in the same way as a credit or debit card, wherein you simply swipe the card at qualifying merchants to post a charge against its available balance. To process the transaction, you must first have the appropriate funds on the card, as multi-currency prepaid cards do not typically carry overdraft protection. To add funds to the card, you may either specify the initial deposit when you purchase the card or follow its instructions to add funds online or through a phone service. Each card also includes guidelines on the average time it takes for funds to become available on the card.

When you are traveling and wish to use the card, check the business for a sign signifying the types of cards it accepts, such as Visa or Mastercard. If your prepaid card carries the matching logo, you may pay with the card as either a credit or debit transaction. The card automatically deducts the appropriate funds in the local currency.

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