How Do You Use MapQuest's Road Mileage Calculator?

To use MapQuest's road mileage calculator, enter the starting location. Then, enter the destination and choose roads to avoid, if desired.

MapQuest is an easy-to-use website that provides information such as route planning, hotel and restaurant locations, and helps drivers get where they need to be without hassle. The site also allows drivers to plan a route based on the shortest time from one point to another, or the shortest distance.

  1. Visit MapQuest's Route Planner
  2. Visit the website and enter a starting point. Add notes to the start point if necessary.

  3. Enter the destination
  4. Enter the address of the destination under the starting point. Again, add notes next to that if desired.

  5. Add round trip or another stop
  6. Click the plus sign to add another stop and check the box next to Make this a Round Trip if desired.

  7. Optimize the route
  8. Decide if the route should be driven in the shortest amount of time or the shortest distance and click the corresponding box.

  9. Avoid certain roads
  10. Use the checkboxes to signify which roads to avoid during the trip. Options include tolls, highways and ferries.

  11. Get directions
  12. Click on the green Get Directions button.

After clicking Get Directions, a new screen appears with driving directions on the left and a map on the right.