How Do You Use the MapQuest Route Planner for a Road Trip?

To use MapQuest route planner for a road trip, enter your starting point in the route planning box, and add the address of each place you plan to visit in the End box, clicking Add Another Stop after each entry. Choose whether to make it a round trip, select whether to optimize your route by shortest time or distance, and allow Mapquest to re-order stops. Check things to avoid, such as ferry crossings or toll roads, and press Get Directions.

As you add each destination that you wish to visit during your road trip in the route planner box, MapQuest either checks it with a green tick to show it recognizes the address or puts a yellow warning triangle for you to click to view and confirm the correct address from a list of possible options.

MapQuest's route planner results show your route on an interactive road map, with each stop labeled with a marker. A panel next to the map gives step-by-step directions for the route with links to information about each stop, such as user reviews or local restaurants and hotels with special offers.

You can also click icons from the bar above the map to add the location of places such as gas stations, shops, hotels and tourist attractions. If you are happy with the route, you can print it, save it, send it in a link by email or by text to a mobile device. You can also share the route on social media or send it to your vehicle's on-board navigation system.