How Do You Use a GPS Tracker Online?

How Do You Use a GPS Tracker Online?

To use an online GPS tracker, go to a tracker website, such as, confirm that it supports the desired GPS tracker, log into the website, add the unit and configure the GPS tracker. The GPS tracker should be configured to enable auto track by intervals, notes Once configured, customers can use the website to track their cellphone's location.

To use an online GPS tracker, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Visit the AccuTracking website by entering in the browser window.

  3. Confirm support
  4. Confirm that the company supports the GPS tracker by clicking on "Support" and "Track My Own GPS Tracker" to view an updated list. Alternatively, customers can order and activate an AccuTracking starter kit.

  5. Log into the website
  6. Log into the AccuTracking website. Customers who do not have an account will first need to register for a new one.

  7. Add the unit
  8. Click on "Manage Units" and "Add a Unit." Choose "GPS Tracker" from the "Unit type" drop-down menu. Complete the form and click on "Generate Tracker ID."

  9. Configure the GPS Tracker
  10. Configure the GPS tracker using the device's user's manual.

To use the trackers offered by AccuTracking, customers will need to have a SIM card with a data plan.