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People use the Google Maps application to locate different places and routes using the drag-and-drop technique on a computer or by using the zoom options. The drag-and-drop method involves pointing the cursor at a particular place on the map, holding the left mouse button and dragging the mouse in the direction opposite of the area you want to show. The zoom option involves clicking the plus or minus sign on the screen to increase resolution.

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Google Maps is popular with travellers, especially if they are going to a new place. Users navigate through new areas or travelling routes by inputting the name of the place in the search box. By following the route indicated on the map, travellers find their way from their current location to another place as long as they have a working Internet connection.

Google Maps can show a specific place in different view modes, including the default map view, the satellite view and the terrain view. The default map view resembles a street map, with a gray background and different colors indicating the different types of roads. The satellite view is the aerial view of a place, indicating the type of vegetation and roofs of buildings. The terrain view shows the geographical nature of a place, indicating whether the ground is flat, hilly or rocky.

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