How do you use Google for car directions?


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To use Google for car directions, go to Google Maps, click the arrow icon that says "directions" in the upper-lefthand corner, and then type in the address of the starting point and destination of the journey. The website initially displays a map of the driving route but not written directions.

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How do you use Google for car directions?
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To see the directions, go to the left side of the page, and click "details." The website then displays step-by-step directions with the mileage and time for each step. To print the directions, click on the picture of a printer at the top of the page. It is found in the blue bar next to the words "driving directions."

Google Maps often provides several choices of route. The active choice is colored blue on the map, while alternative routes are colored gray. Each choice is labeled with a box that displays its mileage and estimated driving time. To choose a different route, simply click on the box giving its mileage. Google also allows users to click and drag on the map to choose their own route.

Google Maps usually shows driving directions by default. However, the page may also show bicycling, walking, public transportation, or airplane directions. To return to the driving directions, click the picture of a car. It is located in the top left-hand corner, between a picture of an arrow and a bus.

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