How Do You Use Google Aerial View?


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Google Aerial View functions much the same way as the regular Google maps do, offering users the ability to zoom in or out, and providing a search bar for locating certain places or inputting driving directions. A special feature of the aerial view is the ability to rotate the map.

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Unlike a regular Google map, a Google Aerial View map allows visitors to visually recognize and identify cities and features of the land such as forests, fields, farmland and individual structures. Users can zoom in on a particular city to view buildings and roads within its borders. Some cities also have a street view that allows users to see interactive photos of individual streets. The satellite map also enables users to see traffic speed on certain roads, offering the option of either a live traffic update or a typical traffic scenario that the user can define by day and time.

Another feature of the aerial view is the ability to tilt the map. This allows users to move from a position of looking straight down at the land to more of an angled birdseye view. This feature also enables users to rotate the view 360 degrees and to zoom in and out of particular locations, although the zoom-in feature does not always deliver a clear image.

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