How Do You Use a Gas Calculator to Estimate the Cost of a Road Trip?


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The website Fueleconomy.gov provides a calculator with several functions to aid the user in accurately estimating the cost of fuel used during a planned trip. To begin using the trip calculator, submit the required information about the vehicle (its make, model, drive train options and year of manufacture) you plan to use during your trip. Next, submit your start and final destinations. The calculator determines the most fuel efficient routes to take during your trip.

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How Do You Use a Gas Calculator to Estimate the Cost of a Road Trip?
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Alternatively, you can submit the routes you wish to take on your trip by breaking destinations into smaller groups (for example, Topeka, Kansas to Kansas City, Kansas, and then to St. Joseph, Missouri), and add the fuel cost totals together for a final estimate.

Once your trip course and information are submitted, the calculator shows the approximate number of gallons of fuel used on the trip and its cost. To further aid individuals in estimating the cost of their trips, the calculator has a function to add what approximate percent of the trips are driven in a city to determine the differences in fuel usage based on the vehicle's fuel economy.

Fueleconomy.gov also offers advice to individuals on how to maximize the fuel economy of their vehicles. This advice depends largely on the type of vehicle but includes tips on how to drive more efficiently and keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

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