How Do You Use an E-ZPass Toll Calculator?

How Do You Use an E-ZPass Toll Calculator?

To use an E-Zaps toll calculator, go to the website for the E-ZPass of the state of interest and follow the prompts to use the calculator. As of 2015, each state maintains its own E-ZPass website, so those traveling across states need to use multiple calculators to work out the full toll amount for a trip.

To use an E-ZPass toll calculator for an individual state:

  1. Go to the main website
  2. Go to the main website for the E-ZPass system. Click on "Member agencies" on the homepage to view a list of states that have E-ZPass. As of 2015, 15 states take part in the E-ZPass electronic toll collection program.

  3. Choose the state
  4. Choose the state in which the toll needs to be calculated. For example, if traveling in New Hampshire, choose "E-ZPass New Hampshire."

  5. Choose the toll calculator
  6. Click on "Toll Rate Calculator" to access the E-ZPass toll calculator. Choose the toll facility and vehicle class.

  7. View the toll rate
  8. Click on "Calculate toll rate" to view the full fare and discounted rate using the E-ZPass transponder.

  9. Repeat the steps
  10. Repeat the steps above for all states in which an E-ZPass will be used to calculate the discounted E-ZPass toll rates for each state.