How Do You Use E-ZPass in Massachusetts?

Doug Kerr/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The Massachusetts E-ZPass program provides motorists with an electronic method of toll collection through a transponder that attaches to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield. As the vehicle passes through the toll collection lane, the transaction is recorded and applied to the owner’s account.

In order to become a member of E-ZPass, request an application through customer service or download it from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website. A credit or debit card or a checking account number is required to open an account. An initial toll payment of $20 is required to start an individual account, and $50 is required for a commercial account that does not require a bond. Tolls are then deducted from the account balance.

Account balances are automatically replenished using the credit/debit or bank account associated with the E-ZPass account. In order to manually replenish the account, mail a check or pay at any number of walk-in customer service locations. Self-service kiosks are also available at various retail locations for cash payments. Convenience fees may apply.

Access your account information online at any time or through a voice-automated response system. An account number and password are required. Additionally, members have three options for receiving transaction information: online, through the U.S. mail or by contacting customer service.