How Do You Use the Comp USA Store Locator?

How Do You Use the Comp USA Store Locator?

TigerDirect absorbed CompUSA in 2012 and rebranded all CompUSA stores to TigerDirect. To use the TigerDirect store locator, enter a city and state, province or zip code. Select a search radius and click on Find Stores.

Visit the home page, and click on Store Locator under the Company Info heading. Results are listed according to distance. The store's phone number and address are listed on the results page. Links are available to view the store on a map or to get directions to the store. To view the store's hours, click on See Store Hours & Information.

On the store information page, you can sign up for store deal alerts using your name, email address and zip code. You can also view clearance items.

In 2008, Systemax purchased CompUSA, which was founded in 1984. Systemax kept 12 CompUSA stores open across multiple states, including Florida, Georgia, Texas, New Jersey and North Carolina. It also operated However, Systemax announced in 2012 that it was dropping the brands of CompUSA and Circuit City, which it had also purchased.

Systemax is the parent company of TigerDirect. When Systemax dropped the CompUSA and Circuit City brands, it converted all stores under those names to TigerDirect stores.