What Are Some Unusual Items Found at the Unclaimed Baggage Center Outlet?


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Some unusual items found at the Unclaimed Baggage Center outlet include 50 vacuum-packed frogs, a complete set of armor, a shrunken head and an ancient Egyptian burial mask. UnclaimedBaggage.com lists further examples of strange items found in unclaimed baggage, in the You Found What? section.

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Unclaimed valuables include a 5.8-carat diamond ring found packed inside a sock and a $60,000 Rolex watch, while a full Scottish kilt and a showgirl outfit are among the more unusual items of unclaimed clothing. A number of items, such as moose antlers, a giant tortoise shell and various animal skins, originate from the animal world.

Unusual items that did not make it to the outlet's sale room include a live rattlesnake, a space shuttle camera, which was returned to NASA, and someone's ashes. An article in Huffington Post reveals the Center has a museum which holds some of the more interesting unclaimed items, such as the puppet Hoggle from the movie Labyrinth and a 6-foot-tall papier-mâché model of Tinkerbell.

The Unclaimed Baggage Center explains that over 99.5 percent of baggage is collected by passengers at the airport baggage reclaim, and airlines make strenuous efforts to reunite unclaimed bags with their owners. However, any bag that remains unclaimed after 90 days is sold to the Unclaimed Baggage Center which cleans, renovates and sells the contents where possible, or donates items to people in need around the world. Anything that cannot be reused or recycled is thrown away.

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