What Are Some Unknown Facts About France?

France's formal name is La Republique Francaise, which means "the French Republic." It is also called "The Hexagon" because of its six-sided shape. It is the largest country by size in Europe covering almost a fifth of the European Union's total area.

France is the most-visited country in the world with at least 75 million foreign tourists per year. It is the largest consumer of electricity from nuclear fuels in the world.

Mont Blanc is France's and Europe's highest point at 15,771 feet. It takes 10 to 12 hours to climb to its summit.

Until 1964, French women had to obtain their husbands' consent to get a passport or open a bank account.

The world's first artificial heart and face transplants took place in France. The heart transplant occurred in 2013 and the face transplant in 2005.

Throughout its history, France has produced some of the world's most influential authors and thinkers. These include Descartes and Pascal in the 17th century, Voltaire in the 18th, Flaubert and Baudelaire in the 19th, and Camus in the 20th.

French main dishes contain fresh vegetables, cheese and meat. Over 1,000 types of cheese originate from France.

France was the second country to host the modern Olympic games in 1900 in Paris.