How Do U.S. Citizens Apply for Chinese Visas?


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As of 2015, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States administers visas to U.S. citizens through the embassy website. Citizens must gather the documents necessary for the appropriate visa category, submit an application to the local Chinese visa office and pay an application fee.

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The People's Republic of China lists 15 visa classifications for United States citizens who wish to visit. Some of the common visa categories include category L for foreigners who wish to visit China as a tourist and category M, for foreigners who intend to conduct business in China. Additional visa categories include Q1 and Q2, intended for foreigners who are family members of Chinese citizens or who intend to visit relatives who live in the country. Category R visas are reserved for individuals with high-level talents and skills urgently needed by the Chinese government.

The embassy website lists the exact documents needed to obtain any of the various categories of visa. For example, the 10-year L-category visa application requires a valid passport, proof of residence status, and a photocopy of any previous visa obtained from the Chinese government. These requirements are different for children born in the United States to Chinese parents.

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