How Do You Get Your US Airways Boarding Pass?


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US Airways boarding passes are accessed through American Airlines. Boarding passes can be accessed after check-in through the American Airlines mobile application, printed at home after check-in online, sent to email to be accessed via a website link, or printed at the airport. At the airport, boarding passes can be printed at a self-service kiosk or by an airline customer service representative. Before using a mobile boarding pass, check that the airport is equipped to scan from mobile devices.

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How Do You Get Your US Airways Boarding Pass?
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US Airways and American Airlines merged in October 2015. Passengers who booked flights through US Airways should contact American Airlines for check-in instructions. At the time of the merger, both airlines' booking services were combined to streamline the process for passengers.

After the merger was completed, American Airlines changed the design of its boarding passes to make them more user-friendly. Boarding passes now indicate the passenger's flight information, including flight number, seat and gate assignments, along with an estimated in-flight time, whether or not the passenger is approved for TSA pre-check at airport security, passenger boarding groups and any amenities available on the flight. Flight amenities include meal service and Wi-Fi Internet access. Mobile boarding passes were redesigned to reflect the same information when accessed through the American Airlines application.

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