How Do You View U.S. Airways Arrival Times?

To view U.S. Airways arrival times, use the Flight Schedules tool available on, as of May 2015. The tool provides arrival information for every flight on a specific route during the date selected.

Visit the home page, and place the cursor over Travel tools. On the drop-down menu that appears, click on Flight Schedules. Enter the departure and destination airports, and select the departure date. Select the approximate departure time, or select any departure time, then click Check Flight Schedules.

Information provided in the results include flight numbers, departure times, arrival times, the flight duration and the number of stops on the flight. Results also have flight history statistics that include how often that flight is on time, delayed or canceled.

For real time updates, use the Flight Status tool. On the Travel Tools menu, click on Flight Status. Select whether you want to look up the flight by its flight number, or its origin and destination. Select the departure date, then enter the appropriate information.

If you searched by the flight's origin and destination, find the flight on the results and click Details to bring up the flight status. The result includes the flight's scheduled and actual times for departure and arrival. If the flight hasn't departed or landed yet, a time estimate is provided.