What U.S. Airports Offer Air Cubana Flights?


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As of January 2016, no U.S. airports offer Cubana airline flights. Cubana flights do, however, originate from airports in Canada and Mexico in North America, as well as from various countries in South America and Europe. Some airlines, such as American Airlines and JetBlue, offer charter flights to destinations in Cuba such as Havana, Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Holguin and Santa Clara from airports in Miami, New York, Tampa and Orlando.

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Cubana airline flights depart from Mexico City and Cancun in Mexico and from Toronto and Montreal in Canada. To purchase a ticket, travelers must use the search tool on the home page of the Cubana website to search for flights by departure and return dates, the point of departure, and the destination. They must then enter all traveler details and process payment. Credit cards must qualify for the electronic commerce security service, and be a Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa Electron or American Express card.

Until a new civil aviation agreement applies to travel to Cuba, as of January 2016, airlines may not sell tickets directly to customers, which is a hindrance to beginning direct flights from the United States. Citizens of the United States may only travel to Cuba for an approved category of activity, as per Treasury Department regulations. President Barack Obama expanded this list in January 2015 to 12 categories, including family visits, humanitarian projects, participation in an athletic event and educational activities.

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